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Unmissable Happenings and Events in Summerville

Posted on 31 Jan, 2024 at 07:48 pm - by

Summerville might be cozy in size, but it's big on excitement, packed with all manner of revelries and happenings. It's a town with roots that run deep, where history isn't just remembered; it's part of everyday life. Whether you're a state park enthusiast or a culture buff, Summerville's got your ticket to fun. We're about to dive into the best happenings at these Summerville events around town that turn every visitor's stay into an unforgettable journey, loaded with vibrant displays and adventures!


Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

This event makes your love-filled Valentine's Day more special. The event takes place at Howard Finster's Paradise Garden. Many hearts are hidden in the maze-like pathways of this park. Some hearts are concealed in the remarkable works of art or the huge monuments. Make sure to bring a friend with you and find all the hearts this Valentine's Day. All the contenders are served with hot cocoa and freshly brewed coffee in the Paradise Garden Visitor Center. If a visitor finds all hearts in the Scavenger Hunt, they will be rewarded with an amazing price. After the Scavenger Hunt, you can make individualized Valentine's Day cards at the Cards station in the Visitor Center. Imagine decorating your cards with your creativity and gifting them to your loved ones. This awesome event starts on the 10th of February and ends on the 14th of February. So go and grab your tickets now or you will miss this great opportunity.


Outdoor Painting Class Series

This popular event takes place in the exceptional Paradise Garden. These outdoor trained painting lessons led by celebrated Summerville artist Donnie Davis enhance your experience on a large scale. The registrants upon their registration will be advised on the topic and location of their paintings, and then Donnie Davis will elaborately guide the enlistees by sharing his strategy regarding paintings and much more. At the end of the lessons, registrants should have three completed paintings of distinct subjects of Howard Finster's Paradise Garden. All types of painters are invited, whether a beginner or a professional. Paints, canvases, and brushes all these basic paint necessities are provided. You are allowed to bring snacks and water bottles. The event is organized on Saturday, March 30, 2024. So, what are you waiting for, register online as fast as you can to avail this chance.


Spring Scavenger Hunt

Taking place from the 2nd of March till the 7th of March, this event is an exciting one. Organized by Mary Shewan, Curatorial, and Archival Fellow, this scavenger hunt takes place in the lush green gardens of Paradise Garden. After winter, visit this exceptional place and indulge yourself in this exciting competition to find hidden objects in the expansive gardens. Contenders who win will be rewarded with a special prize. You can bring a friend to join you on this quest.


Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Rev Howard Finster, who was a great folk artist, was known for recycling and creating crafts. Throughout the huge Finster's garden, individuals look closely to determine how Finster took ordinary objects and turned them into useful things to add to his garden. This Earth Day, make sure to visit Howard Finster's paradise garden to take part in an exciting quest of Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. This hunt is designed by Mary Shewan, a collection and Archival Fellow. The event starts on the 20th of April and lasts till the 23rd of April.


Chattooga River Fest

Chattooga River Fest will be happening on the 8th of June., 2024. This festival is filled with fun and lots of activities for families and friends, it will last for a day. Kayak fishing tournaments and kayaking paddles along the river are the highlights of this festival, which will be happening in Dowdy Park. The kids are going to love it as there’s a kids’ fishing rodeo, a kid zone, lively music, a corn hole tournament, raffles, and snacks in the park. Then at 5 pm, the block party will commence with food trucks and music!


4th July Scavenger Hunt

In this Scavenger Hunt, participants will receive an image list with hints about where each object is hidden or located in the garden, which is filled by Rev. Howard Finster's 4-acre art environment.  If the visitors find all the objects, they will receive a special prize. The hunt starts on the 2nd of July and ends on the 7th of July.  If you want a thrilling venture make sure to join this hunt, which will happen at the Paradise Garden.


Flower Town Festival

Summerville Flower Town Festival is an ultimate fundraiser established in 1973 to help health and wellness programs. Every spring, thousands of travelers explore Summerville to witness the awesome displays. From a wide range of food options to rides for kids, this event has everything. On this three-day event, tourists explore this small city to see the kaleidoscopic flowers and attend one of the largest arts and crafts festivals. The event is held from April 5th to April 7th. Make sure to visit this southeastern festival and enjoy the food stalls and creative displays of arts and crafts.

Thus, Summerville hosts awesome festivals throughout the years. These lively events make it a must-visit location for vacations. Ranging from the ultimate scavenger hunts to the Flower Town Festival, all of these festivities showcase how active the community of Summerville is. Events in Summerville are all filled with fun and excitement. So make sure to register now before the time runs out.

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