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Summerville GA, Top 7 Things To Do!

Posted on 31 Jan, 2024 at 07:09 pm - by

Summerville GA is a city with many hidden marvels and historic sites. Situated 24 miles north of Rome, this town has a small population of only 4200 people. This place is less traveled by tourists, hence Summerville is a great spot for travelers who are drawn to less crowded areas. If you are looking for a serene escape, Summerville is the best spot to have your vacation in. In this blog, we will explore the 7 best things to do in the city of Summerville GA. From touring the downtown region to the state parks, every aspect of this journey is filled with fun and enjoyment.


Exploration of the Howard Finster Paradise Garden

This marvel is a great attraction among all the Summerville attractions, named after the famous folk artist, Rev Howard Finister. He started teaching folk art at the age of sixteen and began producing his songs and poems to communicate with his followers. At the age of 60, he began painting "sacred art" to display his religious beliefs. He started constructing a Paradise Garden on the empty land site behind his house. He used the recycled parts and other businesses to craft statues as a memorial to God. A famous music band later contacted Finster to make their album covers in the early 80s, these covers made him a famous personality. At the age of 85, Finster had more than 35000 paintings. This Paradise Garden Foundation conserves all the extraordinary masterpieces of Finster till today. With 22 art structures, statues, and an expansive garden this is a great place to visit.


Downtown Summerville Commerce Street

There are plenty of ancient and great locations situated in Downtown Summerville GA. The most famous one is the Neo-Classical Courthouse property of 1909. The location of this historical site is on the same street that was involved in the famous Georgian route after the treaty of New Echota was signed. The area houses a great collection of awesome restaurants, the famous Jefferson's which serves beers, with flavorful burgers and chicken wings is also situated here. Other than this, the downtown Summerville region provides a lot of entertainment options as well, for example, Tooga Theater and Appalachian Axe Challenge.


Historic Summerville Train Depot and Turntable

In 1918, this Train depot was constructed by the Central Georgia Railroad. This was the small town's main train station. The train station was a busy site till the year of 1950. In 1988, the Historical Society of Chattooga County invested in this location. From April to September, the spot is the main hub for receiving Tennessee trains. However, in October many festivals are hosted at this train depot, which captivate all natives and foreign travelers on a large scale.


Couey House

Situated near the train depot, this awesome site is another great location to visit. This log cabin was constructed in the 1840s for the great family of Couey’s. This ancient cabin was mostly knocked down in 1997, because of US 27. However, the remains were conserved by Georgia DOT, and they shifted the Couey house to its today’s location which is north of Dowdy Park. Since then, this house has been an exemplary site. It allows travelers to witness the ancient Appalachian architecture.


J.R Dowdy Park

Dowdy Park is an exceptional site and offers several conveniences to travelers as an awesome destination. The park features picnic spots, gazebos, jogging trails and so much more. Dowdy Park is a great site for family hangouts or gatherings. It also houses train support and a monument constructed as an honor to the victims of child abuse. This place is an ideal place for afternoon hangouts. There are many well-maintained walking trails as well joining the paths with Willow Spring Park.


Willow Spring Park

This site belonged to John S. Cleghorn. He had a house constructed here which later turned into ashes in 1960. His beloved spouse Octavia planted Willow trees on this site to make it pleasant. After the house was destroyed by the fire, the downtown region was established and trees were cut down. In 1998, the Chattooga Garden Society started the work to beautify the public park as it was before.    The park is not that huge, it still proves to be a great picnic spot. The tremendous willow trees offer great shade while you enjoy the views of the park. There are many benches to relax and open spaces for kids to have fun and enjoy.


Marble Mine Trail in James H Floyd State Park

This park is named after a house representative of Georgia who worked for 21 years. This expansive park is situated 3 miles away from the historic downtown region of Summerville, framed by Chattahoochee National Forest, the park promises many outdoor activities. From an exceptional fishing experience on the two small lakes to a huge campground. The site also offers many facilities such as picnic shelters, cottages, tent and RV sites, and many more. The park has many miles of well-maintained hiking routes. The ideal one of all is the Marble Mine Trail which leads to Hills and passes by mining buildings. This trail is a moderate one, but those looking for a difficult hike then ascend uphill, where Pinhoti trail joins the route.

So, these were the top Summerville GA things to do that offer a great thrilling escape to every traveler, make sure to add them to your bucket list! 

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